"It's been a busy day here and legal has us pausing the contract transition until we are given the all clear. Based on the IT security intrusion that started us down this path and our legal had us reach out to the FBI because the intrusion has huge implications. All servers and activity is paused until they do a full investigation and give us the all clear. The liquidity pool has been drained and is sitting in a wallet intact and ready for transition. Once we are given the all clear we will continue the process of transitioning to a new contract and liquidity pool. We are so deeply apologetic by and inconvenience this causes. We are obviously very eager to get back up and running 100%. We will keep you all informed as we move to the next step to restoring operations."

Empower Your Financial Future with Anubit

Revolutionary DeFi Tools & Daily Earnings for Token Holders

Anubit is making it easier to take control of your financial security by developing cutting-edge DeFi tools and user-friendly payment systems. And, as a holder, you'll earn a share of the fees we collect every day. Our holders reward allows our community to earn 15% of the fees taken in just for holding Anubit. The more tokens you hold, the larger your share of the fee pool will be. Take advantage of an additional source of income and grow your wealth over time!

Earn 10% Bonus Coin by clicking "Buy Decentralized", Now - 2/28/23

Buy Anubit Direct

15% Reflections (Holders Reward)

Get 15% back in reflections just for holding our coin

Earn as an Affiliate

Join as an Affiliate to earn 10% bonus coin per referral

100M Supply

$ANB holds a capped max supply of 100M tokens

High Liquidity

20% of our liquidity pool is locked in our smart contract

Empowering people to pay their way

Low Cost

The inflation and instability of standard currencies that many countries have experienced is shocking. While not all countries have currencies that are subject to outrageous rates of inflation, others could seriously benefit from switching to use cryptocurrency.

Anubit is a decentralized crypto token that allows the control of money back into the hands of people. Our goal is to serve as a cheaper, safer and faster alternative to traditional fiat and to revolutionize the way people store money, pay for goods/services, and do business.

Collaborations that promote accessibility for all

Direct Buy

We've recently collaborated with Zero Point Solutions to create our Direct Buy option which is designed to only connect to a decentralized wallet where you hold the keys to your coin. With no fees and secure blockchain communication makes them the ideal strategic partner for us.

Anubit will continue to collaborate with partners who develop tools and applications that make crypto accessible for everyone.

Buy Anubit Direct
Copy Address


Pay with Anubit (in progress)

Development for the "Pay with Anubit" merchant and user app is currently in progress. With hundreds of merchants pledged to accept Anubit as payment, soon users will be able to visit those locations and pay with our crypto coin.

Anubit ATM

Renderings and prototypes of the Anubit ATM are in the early development phase. The Anubit ATM will promote accessibility of our coin which is essential for growth, trust and awareness.


Every buy and sell will trigger the contract to perform a series of smart procedures. There is a 0% fee on every buy and 1% on every sell. 15% of this fee is distributed among the holders, this is called reflection. Additional funds are distributed for development of the Anubit project, partnerships, making the world a better place through charitable initiatives.
Development - 20%
Reflection - 15%
Liquidity - 20%
Charity - 10%
Marketing - 10%
Owners - 20%
Holders Bounty - 5%

The path to adoption

Phase #1

• Issue Token
• DEX Listing
• Marketing Phase 1
• Partnership Announcement (ZPS)
• ZPS Get Anubit Now Button Launch

Phase #2

• Anubit <> ZPS Affiliate Program
• Apply to CMC & CG
• Apply to Exchanges
• First Exchange Listing

• Marketing Phase 2
• Prepare for 2nd Exchange Listing

Phase #3

• NFT's Released
• Pay w/ Anubit Ecosystem Development
• Onboard Merchants to Ecosystem
• Release Pay with Anubit App
• Marketing Phase 3
• Launch Anubit Ecosystem

Phase #4

• First Generation Anubit ATM
• Develop Anubit Blockchain or
Become Blockchain Validator

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