A crypto coin where you're in control

Anubit was designed from the ground up to promote systems that keep holders in control. Anubit seeks out partnerships that share this vision. Defi means to us that our holders can have peace of mind that nobody can gamble with their coin. Anubit wholeheartedly believes that with the right tools, the individual is the best steward to be in control of their financial security.

High Rewards
Low Fees

15% Reflections

Get 15% back in reflections just for holding our coin

Earn as an Affiliate

Join as an Affiliate to earn 10% bonus coin per referral

100M Supply

$ANB holds a capped max supply of 100M tokens

High Liquidity

20% of our liquidity pool is locked in our smart contract

Our current token price

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Buying an alt coin has never been this easy.

Our direct buy option is designed to only connect to a decentralized wallet where you hold the keys to your coin. Anubit is the exclusive cryptocurrency used by Zero Point Solutions. Their no fee structure and secure blockchain communication makes them the ideal strategic partner for us.
Buy Decentralized

Convert cash into $ANB.

The first crypto coin to accept monthly payments.

Because making it easy for people to buy crypto makes all the difference.

Get ready, buy with $ANB is coming soon to stores near you.

We're here to change peoples minds about crypto.

Grow With Us.


We’re in this for the long haul. Take a look at our plans for the future of Anubit.

Get Anubit Now Button Launch

Anubit partners with Zero Point Solutions as their exclusive cryptocurrency, making Anubit the first coin to offer buy now, pay later options. The partnership has also made purchasing our coin fast and easy.

Zero Point x Anubit
Influencer Marketing Blitz

Marketing is an ongoing effort, of course, and is essential to our growth. Get ready to see us everywhere.

Zero Point x Anubit Affiliate Program

Anyone who makes a purchase of Anubit on the Zero Point web app will have the access to their affiliate program to spread the word about Anubit and earn some serious coin. (coming very soon)

Apply to Listings & Exchanges

We've checked the box on creating the most innovative coin on the market. We've made our coin easy to buy (even for newcomers) with our Zero Point Solutions partnership. Our eyes are set on applying to the largest listings and exchanges to get the visibility we deserve.

Anubit Releases Its Own Ecosystem

Anubit's partnership with Zero Point Solutions will allow us to expand in any way we can imagine. From "Pay With Anubit" POS Systems and expansion into ecommerce. We have attainable plans to be the top crypto coin on the market.

Our all-stars team

Get To Know The People Behind Anubit

Omar Thompson

lead developer

Robert Morris

chief strategist

Theo Flores

project Coordinator

Tanya Lissette

brand Director

Mario DiSalvo

corporate Attorney

Angelina Zapata

head of Marketing